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Who we are


Product lies at the centre of Business, Users, and Technology. Knowledge of these 3 pillars are essential in building great products.


We are a team of Product and Project Management specialists with over a decade of experience building and launching successful Consumer facing and Business facing products.


Product Development does not end with any single release. Building a truly great Product is a continuous endeavour. We Provide Product Development as a Service (PDaaS) to our customers who are committed to building great Products.

Geetansh Merani

Geetansh brings nearly a decade of development and agile expertise to projects for successful end-to-end delivery.


He is a seasoned product consultant who has worked with consumer products, startups, and corporates across eCommerce, telecom, media, and enterprises such as VMware, AirWatch and Jio.


Geetansh has led cross-functional teams with a focus on problem-solving, customer service and managed products with over 100 million active users.


Rohan Lulla

Rohan is a seasoned Product leader who brings over a decade of product management and engineering experience from working in Startups and Enterprises.


While owning and developing products in different stages of maturity across HR tech and Logistics domains, he has led Agile teams to build products generating millions in revenue for global customers.


Rohan relies on sound product management principles to achieve successful outcomes.

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