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Why choose TPG Group?

Vision and Philosophy

Our vision is to build great Product the right way. At the heart of this vision is an outcome driven philosophy. A philosophy that focusses on creating maximum value by understanding the real-world problem that organizations aim to solve. This lets us effectively engage with teams to outline a path to success.

Product and Project Leaders

Our team of industry leaders have experience building and scaling technology Products for Startups and Enterprises at different stages of maturity. We possess decades of Product and Project Management expertise, that is showcased in the organizations we have worked with and products we have built.

Agile Expertise

Our expertise in leveraging Agile and Lean principles lets our customers smoothly transition to MVP based iterative release cycles that get Products in the hands of the users faster. We have experience leading Agile organizational transformations for Enterprises and Startups alike.

Cross Domain Experience

Our team has experience building and releasing successful software Products across domains like Logistics and Transport Infrastructure, Telecom, and Human Capital Management. We understand that sound Product and Project Management principles transcends domains, and leverage them to achieve success.

Technology First Outlook

Different products have different needs. Knowing what technology stack is best suited for your Product needs requires a deep understanding of the business problem your product needs to solve. We leverage a combination of business and technology skills to identify the best technologies for your product's success.

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