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Technology Solutions
for Your Industry

Logistics and Transport Infrastructure

In today's world, supply chains are connected globally across modes of transport, ranging from air, water, to land. With years of experience building Enterprise products that optimize supply chains, we possess a deep understanding of how the logistics, and transport infrastructure sectors work. 

Human Capital Management

As the world comes to terms with the new normal, leaders need to come up with effective strategies to engage the workforce and go remote. Our team's expertise lies in an understanding of the different facets of Human Capital Management, ranging from Recruiting, engagement, to Talent Management.

Financial Services

While Banking and Insurance companies consolidate, the landscape of digital payments is still evolving. Our deep understanding of financial services help our customers navigate the digital payments landscape, and align their IT infrastructure to drive customer loyalty through better user experiences.


While the way we connect with the world has evolved, it is more important than ever that Telecom companies provide the infrastructure that keeps us connected. With years of Telecom experience under our belt, We help our customers find more meaningful ways to create lasting relationships with their users.


Good products and attractive discounts are not enough to build a winning retail strategy. Retailers require targeted marketing strategies and optimized supply chains to lift their bottom line. We work with our retail clients across verticals to transform their businesses and identify new opportunities.

Customer Success

Customer Success is a key pillar in the success of any organization. Our expertise of building and scaling customer success verticals across organizations lets us help our customers to reduce churn, increase upselling, improve NPS, and improve the efficiency of their customer success vertical through process automation.

Enterprise Solutions

Evolving from an SMB strategy to an Enterprise strategy requires a paradigm shift at an organization level. Product, Technology, and Operations, all require an overhaul in the way they are approached. We help our customers successfully transition to an Enterprise strategy and build solutions that Enterprise customers will love.

Community & Communication solutions


Grow existing relationships and build new ones – through a branded, interactive platform where people find answers, develop expertise, and share experiences. We help our customers build community platforms that let their users engage in meaningful ways and leverage social media to connect over what matters to them.

OTT & Media


The demand for content has never been stronger. New age content creators are on a level playing field with big media companies when it comes to consumer attention. Creating a relationship with consumers looks to be the way forward. We work with customers to identify opportunities and mitigate risk in their content strategy.

Education Tech

Across geographies, education is being overhauled. Understanding the way forward is the most critical step organizations can take to start building toward the new future of education. Our work in the education and EdTech industry gives us the ability to provide our customers with strong insights for the future.

Digital Marketing & Ad Tech

Knowing where your customers are and how to effectively engage with them is a challenge every successful business has to overcome. While a lot of channels to reach customers exist, choosing the ones that are right for your business is a decision a lot of businesses struggle with.

Product & Data Analytics

A strong analytics culture can be the difference between winning and losing. Understanding which components of your Product are creating the most value for your organization can give you insights on your roadmap. We work with customers to implement a strong analytics culture embed it embed across their organization.

Gaming & Real Money Sports

While the gaming industry has always been huge, the real money sports and the integration of the two domains is burgeoning. We help our customers find effective solutions to various problems that game development companies encounter during the game creation process and navigating around real money sports challenges.

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